Inclusive Finance

About Citi Inclusive Finance

Advancing Financial Inclusion through Citi businesses and clients

Citi Inclusive Finance is a specialist team that works across Citi businesses globally to develop solutions that enable the bank, its clients and partners to expand access to financial services and advance economic progress in underserved market segments.

We work with leading microfinance institutions, banks, corporations, governments, development agencies, non-profits, investors and service providers to develop and deliver:

  • - Diverse financing solutions
  • - Digital and mobile financial services
  • - Savings and credit-building platforms
  • - Inclusive supply chain solutions
  • - Payment technologies
  • - Investor services
  • - Platforms for scale
  • - Support for research

Urbanization, digitization and globalization are presenting new opportunities to accelerate the pace of financial inclusion. Leveraging cross-sector partnerships and innovative approaches, Inclusive Finance embeds investments that make a social impact into Citi’s core businesses to the benefit of clients and communities.

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Bob Annibale

Global Director, Citi Inclusive Finance and Community Development