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"Adventures of Agent Penny" Financial Education Comic Book & Play Launched in Indonesia

August 02, 2007

Jakarta � Fifth and sixth grade school children can now learn about money management with help from "The Adventures of Agent Penny," an interactive comic book and drama-based financial education program supported by the Citi Foundation.

"How adults manage their finances is largely defined by habits developed at an early age," said Mr. Shariq Mukhtar, Citibank N.A. Country Business Manager.

"With the launch of Agent Penny and Will Power, we hope that children will become more prudent and smart in managing their finances."

The Agent Penny comic book will cover three important fundamentals:

  1. The importance of saving for the future
  2. Spending wisely
  3. Financial planning for the future

"To help children better understand the concepts in the comic book, we incorporate an interactive play produced by well-known theater group, Teater Koma," said Ms. Ditta Amahorseya, Senior Vice President, Country Corporate Affairs Head, Citi Indonesia.

To launch the program, headmasters from 160 Jakarta primary schools will be invited to watch the Agent Penny play.

In stage one of the program roll out, Citi Peka (Citi Indonesia's community arm), will invite 60 schools to participate in the initiative. Citi Peka representatives will also spend an hour at every school to distribute comic books, explain concepts and run a question and answer session with the students.

"Through the comic book, play, teacher's guide and support activities, we hope the program will be a regular at many schools," said Ms. Amahorseya.

Gino Latief, the Executive Director of program partner, Yayasan Mitra Mandiri said, "We believe the play is a useful method to help children understand the importance of financial management, especially when the message is presented in a fun and interactive way."

Teater Koma, the developers of the play, is a well-known local theater group.

"We played an active part in developing the scenario for The Adventure of Agent Penny, together with Citi Peka. Through this interactive and entertaining musical, we hope to help children get the message of the importance of financial education," says Ratna Riantiarno, Teater Koma's production manager.

The school visits will commence in August and run until the end of the year. During the visits, Citi Peka volunteers will distribute 6,500 copies of the comic book to students and 500 copies of the teacher's guide book.

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Citi Foundation
The Citi Foundation supports organizations that help people improve their lives, businesses to grow, and communities to prosper around the world. The Citi Foundation focuses its grants primarily in three areas: financial education, educating the next generation, and building communities and entrepreneurs. Additional information can be found at

Citi Peka
Citi Indonesia's community initiatives are managed and run under the Citi Peka program funded by Citi Foundation. Citi Peka is unique because it not only offers funding support to local NGOs, but it also includes a strong employee volunteer program component. Indeed, the success of Citi Peka relies a lot on the enthusiastic support of employee volunteers. Citi Peka programs focus on the long-term and aim to develop and enhance education and community programs in Indonesia.

Yayasan Mitra Mandiri
Yayasan Mitra Mandiri has concern for and is committed to building independent communities. YMM is an NGO that focuses on education, health and welfare issues.

Teater Koma
Teater Koma is an independent theater group that stages plays on social/politic conditions in Indonesia. In The Adventure of Agent Penny and Will Power, Teater Koma is supported by highly experienced actors and actresses.