For Immediate Release
Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C)
August 25, 2008

Announcement Concerning Board Administrative Changes

The Board of Directors today announced new subcommittee assignments as well as changes to its committee structure. Effective immediately, Anne Mulcahy has been appointed Chair of the Corporate Subcommittee of the Audit Committee. In addition, Lawrence Ricciardi has been appointed a member of the Consumer Subcommittee of the Audit Committee. In addition, on the recommendation of the relevant committee chairs, Richard Parsons and Bob Rubin, the Board has decided to simplify its committee structure. The Nomination & Governance Committee has been given the power to act for the Board between meetings. By transferring this authority, a separate Executive Committee, whose only function was to convene these meetings, is no longer needed. This also minimizes any confusion between the Board's Executive Committee and Management's recently renamed Executive Committee. Bob Rubin, as a member of the Board of Directors and Management's Executive Committee, will continue in all of his roles for the Company (other than the administrative role of chairing the Board's Executive Committee) and his title will be Senior Counselor.