Progress informed by the past, and inspired by the future

    • Citi won a national award for pioneering a new environmental financing method in its work for the Everglades.

    • Preserving the Everglades for Future Generations

      Preserving the Everglades for Future Generations

      Citi's Michael Hole, Managing Director, Municipal Securities Division, and his team are working with the South Florida Water Management District to help save Florida's Everglades.

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    • Helping Overcome Natural Disaster to Get Students Back to School

      In April 2009, an earthquake struck the town of L'Aquila, Italy, damaging buildings, homes and the lives of thousands of individuals. Shortly after the earthquake, the Italian government contacted Citi client KOMA Modular and asked for help building an elementary school to serve needs of the local schoolchildren. After just six weeks of construction, the school opened its doors to 700 students who were able to return to their studies for the first time since the earthquake.

    • Following an earthquake, Citi teamed with KOMA to have a school rebuilt six weeks after starting construction.