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    • An estimated 80% of the poor in Africa are rural farmers.

    • Scaling Agroinnovation: Helping Transform Farming in Africa

      Farm yields in Sub-Saharan Africa are among the lowest in the world. Most small-scale farmers in the region depend on rain—unreliable and seasonal—to grow their crops. KickStart International is developing water pumps that enable the region's farmers to irrigate year-round, helping them to improve crop yields and boost their incomes. As well as helping KickStart expand the production and distribution of its pumps, financing and global banking services from Citi enable Kickstart to operate efficiently around the world.

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    • Managing Complex Municipal Finances in Mumbai

      The vibrant city of Mumbai is India's financial capital, and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is responsible for governing this vast urban area, making it one of the largest local governments in Asia. Using Citi's secure and robust technology platform, MCGM has improved how it manages its finances, benefitting its bottom line and helping it provide services like quality roads and a reliable water supply to the more than 14 million residents of Mumbai.

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    • India's cities will require up to $1.2 trillion in infrastructure funding over the next 20 years.