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    • Citi helps cities manage growth by building transportation infrastructure.

    • Easing Urban Congestion in Panama

      Easing Urban Congestion in Panama

      Panama's per capita GDP has more than doubled over the past decade, with growth concentrated in Panama City. The downside to every vibrant economy, however, is tremendous urban congestion, so Panama's government made building a mass transit system a priority. Citi worked with government leaders on a financing solution for the Panama Metro project. The result will reduce travel time, vehicle operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions and improve access to jobs and health care services in the city.

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    • Opening New Doors in South Africa

      Twenty years after the end of apartheid, the path to wealth through property ownership is still closed to many South Africans. International Housing Solutions, a global private equity firm, is determined to change that. Their idea: a fund to build safe, affordable housing for rising middle-class families. Its success is being used as a model throughout the continent.

    • Citi's early support and expertise has helped the International Housing Solutions' fund grow to finance 27,000 housing units across South Africa.