Progress informed by the past, and inspired by the future

    • Citi's collaboration with Sedapal resulted in a steadier, more predictable water flow for the area's 9 million citizens.

    • Clean Water: Supporting One of Our Most Basic Needs in Lima, Peru

      Clean Water: Supporting One of Our Most Basic Needs in Lima, Peru

      Lima is built on a coastal desert, making fresh water very hard to come by. So Peru's water utility, Sedapal, began a project to channel a more reliable flow of water from the nearby Andes to the area's 9 million inhabitants. Citi worked with Sedapal to create a financing system for the project that makes it easier for them to pay contractors and monitor & track expenses. Construction of the channel is now underway, with two treatment plants to follow.

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    • Accelerating Access to Medicine in Mexico

      At the Hospital General de Mexico, patients used to show up days early just to set up an appointment and then wait a few days to be seen. With support from Citi, the hospital now has a call center so patients can schedule appointments and make payments in advance. This system saves time for both the patients and hospital because patients are taken care of more quickly and the hospital runs more efficiently.

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    • The Citi-Banamex call center assists 240,000 patient calls a year.