Edgardo Del Rincón Gutiérrez, General Manager Consumer Banking, Citibanamex

Edgardo Del Rincón Gutiérrez

General Manager Consumer Banking, Citibanamex

Edgardo was named General Manager Consumer Banking in April 2015.

Edgardo joined Citibanamex as a Wealth Management executive in 1985. He held a number of positions in this division over the course of six years, including as Regional Promotion head for this segment, a responsibility that at the time included more than 40 branches across the country. In 1991, he led Citibanamex’s Credit Card division, and in 2000 he was named CEO of Artikos, a Commerce One and Citibanamex Joint Investment in Mexico and Latin America for Ecommerce B2B. He directed Citibanamex’s Central Division in 2003, and in June 2006 he became General Manager of Family Credit.

Edgardo also served as Director of Credit Cards and Integration in Central America, and he was CEO of Grupo Financiero Uno for a year during Citi’s acquisition of this group (2007-2010).

In February 2012, Edgardo was named Corporate Credit Director for Citibanamex’s Consumer Banking division. Under his management, the Credit Card, Personal Loan and Acquisitions areas became leaders in the Mexican market. In November 2014 he also became responsible for the bank’s Mortgage, Vehicle Loan and Payroll businesses.

Edgardo was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. He earned a degree in economics from I.T.E.S.M. (Tec de Monterrey) in 1984.