Inclusive Finance

  • Financial Services For All is a survey that looks at the main risks facing traditional microfinance players and emerging providers. The findings are based on survey responses from over 60 countries. Read More

  • Umati Empowers Agribusiness in Africa Like many entrepreneurs, Ivan and Munyutu of Umati Capital face obstacles in reaching out to potential investors. But in 2015 they got a big assist from the Citi Mobile Challenge, a groundbreaking global initiative that invites developers to present ideas to Citi execs and tech influencers. At the Nairobi Challenge, Umati's award-winnning fintech solution enabes farmers to receive swift and fair payment for their crops-an innovation that could have a massive impact in rural Africa.
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  • Citi issues $500 million Education, Youth and Employment "Theme Bond" Citi structured and issued the first ever large-scale social USD "Theme Bond," a proof-of-concept which raised $500mm in funding for IADB's projects in Education, Youth and Employment.
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  • Citi and OPIC $314 Million
    Inclusive Finance Partnership
    Financing for Citi's clients that promote, sustainable and inclusive supply chains, microenterprise development, affordable housing, clean energy, education and sanitation through small producers, distributors and underserved communities around the world.
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  • Citi Wins Best Mobile Money
    Deployment in the Americas
    Citi Mobile Collect was named Best Mobile Money Deployment
    in the Americas in the 2013 Mobile Money Global Awards
    at the Dubai World Trade Centre during the annual Global & Digital Payments Summit.
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