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Expanding Access to Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa

mPharma is working to expand access to healthcare across low-income communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

By optimizing supply chains and increasing efficiencies, mPharma is able to bring high-quality, affordable medicines to communities most in need — the so-called “last mile” of distribution for pharmaceuticals and vaccines. mPharma also provides financing solutions for mom-and-pop pharmacies, clinics and patients in underserved areas such as Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya. Thanks to a line of credit from Citi under Scaling Enterprise, a partnership with the U.S. DFC and the Ford Foundation, mPharma will be able to serve more than 2 million patients in the countries where it operates. Health clinics that operate with mPharma report a decrease of up to 25% in medical-related complications. 

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