Welcome to Citi's Technology Leadership Program

What is the Technology Leadership Program?

The Technology Leadership Program (TLP) is a two-year program designed to harness and develop the leadership potential of its participants. It is designed to attract high potential individuals to Citi and provide them with unparalleled professional development.

Program Overview

TLP At-A-Glance

  • Three rotations in 24 months
  • Targets undergraduates, graduates, and internal candidates
  • Full-time program starting in July
  • Summer Intern program starting in May (summer start time is flexible)
  • Intensive training in Project Management, Technical and Leadership Skills

What Roles Do TLPs Fill?

One of the program’s greatest strengths is its flexibility, and program participants can pursue roles in a wide range of teams, including Mobile/Internet Development, Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Information Security, Software Architecture, Testing, Finance, Product Management and many more. Our interview process is designed to give candidates much more information about the day-to-day experience, and we are happy to tailor your experience to your skills and interests.

Who is the TLP For?

As a market-leading institution, we need leaders of tomorrow to usher us into the future. That’s why we seek the best of the best.

If you are a high performer with a history of academic excellence and extracurricular achievement, we encourage you to apply. We are recruiting individuals with recent undergraduate/graduate degrees in:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Engineering
  • Business (Technology focused)
  • Technology Focused Degrees
Strong evidence of project management skills, high level of intellectual curiosity, and top-notch interpersonal skills are required. Geographic mobility is a must.

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Program in Depth

TLP Training Overview

Each Program Member’s experience begins with a two-week Springboard to Success program, designed to provide an orientation to our business as well as key skills, tools and information to prepare participants for success as they take on their first rotational role.

In addition to the Springboard event, Program participants attend semi-annual development conferences to participate in shared learning experiences and to build a broad network and strong relationships with colleagues throughout the business.

How Will I Fit into the GCT Organization?

Three, eight-month rotations in both technical and project management roles across multiple lines of business provide a strong foundation for a stellar career. Assigned coaches and mentors help facilitate both business and rotational transitions, and support active career management strategies. On-going training, both through formal classroom-based training activities and, more importantly, through critical work assignments, ensure a challenging and rewarding experience.

Where Will The TLP Rotations Be Offered ?

Within the GCT organization, four major sites have been announced. TLP Rotations will be offered in each of these four locations:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

What Makes the TLP Unique?

  • Selective program size allows for more personal attention...You won’t get lost in the crowd.
  • Top-level management is committed to making this the premier leadership program.
  • More visibility and opportunities to interact with senior management one-on-one.
  • Real time, real world problem solving…the Springboard case study is a business problem currently facing a GCT line of business.
  • Integrated curriculum develops key skills: team building, presentations, giving and receiving feedback, technology, and business knowledge.
  • TLPs “hit the ground running” with insight into the GCT organization…an edge most new hires don’t have.
  • Integrated Buddy and Mentoring Programs that help guide short and long-term career objectives.
  • The industry. Finance/credit increasingly drives our world, and will be a major area of future innovation.
  • The company. Citi is a global financial industry leader, offering stability, integrity, and a bright future.
  • Community involvement: A job where you can make a difference in the world while putting your career in high gear.
  • Lots of room to grow and diverse opportunities both on program and off – training and experience…you control your career.
  • Geography...choice of locations to live and work.
  • IT is the “engine” that runs Citi – work for a company where IT is valued as a core competency.
  • Citi is the place to build and fast track a career. Apply what you’ve learned in university to real business issues.

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Written Testimonials

Post Rotation Success

“After graduation in 2009, Citi has given me great opportunities to contribute to transformational technology oriented project that will position Citibank as best-in-class in product offering and customer satisfaction. Also, I have just transitioned from Project Management to Business Analysis/Solution Design capacity with promotion“...Read More


“Training is a critical component of the Technology Leadership Program.  Before starting your rotations within the program, you will participate in “Springboard” - an intense three weeks of training. As part of the training, the TLP class is presented with a real-life business problem“...Read More

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