Citi's presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was established in 1971, making it the first international bank to open in the country.

We have had a significant involvement in the DRC for many years in areas such as trade finance, treasury and corporate finance. We are taking a leading role in the financing of capital investments in the major industries of mining and manufacturing.

The stabilization of the country has led to new FDI flows in the country. We are playing a major part in the transformation of the country's economy.


We are focused on providing trade, foreign investment, cash management and treasury services, all of which involve close collaboration with DRC's leading banks. We offer specific services to corporations, including commercial finance, foreign exchange, deposits, cash management and electronic banking. We assist our customers with managing their finances to increase the value of their investments and finance their projects.

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Citiservice: +243 99 603 0059
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Immeuble Citibank no. 657
Coin des Avenues Colonel Lukusa/Ngongo Lutete
B.P. 9999 Kinshasa I – Gombe
Democratic Republic of Congo