Citi is proud to have had a strong presence in Taiwan since the opening of our first representative office in 1964 and the first branch in Taipei in 1965. Citi has been the leader in both corporate & investment banking and consumer banking. To expand our footprint in Taiwan, Citi acquired Bank of Overseas Chinese with the newly formed Citibank Taiwan Ltd (CTL) in 2007.

With solid operating performances, Citi Taiwan has been recognized by various awards at home and abroad, including "Best Foreign Bank" from FinanceAsia for 21 consecutive years, "Best Bank" from The Asset Triple A for 15 consecutive years, and the "Trusted Brand: Credit Card Issuing Bank – Gold Award" from Reader's Digest for 10 consecutive years.

Citi's market-leading products and services have received high praises. Citi's Institutional Clients Group provides top-tier local corporations, multinational companies, emerging local corporations, local financial institutions and qualified foreign institutional investors with a full range of value-added local and cross-border products and services. Core business operations include treasury, underwriting, corporate lending, structured finance, transaction services, e-solution, global equity, equity-linked capabilities and financial advisory expertise in M&A. At the end of 2015, Citi led the market to offer onshore global custody services in response to the "financial import substitution" policy launched by the Financial Supervisory Commission.

Citi's Global Consumer Banking leads the market by pioneering Wealth Management banking service, providing wealth advisory service, local and multi-currency deposits to premium accounts, OBU products and services and a variety of mutual funds, bonds, HK and U.S. stocks. By providing customers with value-added services, Citi's Cards business enjoys high customer satisfaction and strong brand recognition in the market.

Citi aims to become the world's digital bank. In addition to introducing smart banking branches in 2010 and launching advanced mobile banking services in 2011 that include location-based offers and premium search, Citi possesses the innovative culture that positions it to lead the digital trend and deliver more effective, dynamic and convenient approaches to better serve clients. Citi was also the first bank in Taiwan to introduce voice biometric authentication technology into its call center in 2016.

As an established leader in the global financial services industry, Citi believes strongly in its responsibility to both Taiwan and the global community. Since 1995, Citi has been actively involved in Educating the Next Generation, Community Care and Support, and Financial Education and Environment in Taiwan, while sponsoring many programs such as the Citi-United Way Fundraising Campaign, Citi Global Community Day and Citi-led environment events. These programs have been well received by the public and demonstrated Citi's long-term commitment to the community in which it lives and runs its businesses.


Wealth Magazine:

Wealth Management Grand Award (2018)
Best Wealth Management Award of Foreign Banks
Best Financial Advisory Team of Foreign Banks
Best Digital Award of Foreign Banks
Best Graphic Design Award


Best Foreign Bank (21 consecutive years)

The Asset

Triple A (2017)
Best Bank – Global (15 consecutive years)
Best Corporate and Institutional Bank – Global
Best in Treasury and Working Capital for MNC/LLCs
Best Service Providers for Transaction Bank
Best M&A Adviser
Best GDR
Best M&A


Best International Bank
Best Country Deal

Wealth Magazine

Best Foreign Bank Award (5 consecutive years)

Wealth Magazine:

Wealth Management Grand Award (2017)
Best Wealth Management Award of Foreign Banks
Best Financial Advisory Team of Foreign Banks
Client Choice Award of Foreign Banks
Best Digital Award of Foreign Banks

Reader's Digest

Trusted Brand 2017: Credit Card Issuing Bank – Gold Award (10 consecutive years)
Trusted Brand 2017: Finance Managing Bank – Gold Award

International CRE Awards (2017)
Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership of the Year

Excellence Magazine

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award

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