Please read the Ethics Office's Privacy Statement.

If you reasonably suspect or become aware that any Citi employee, or anyone working on Citi's behalf, may have engaged in misconduct, you may report your concerns to the Citi Ethics Office, located in the U.S., by any of the following:

Calling the Citi Ethics Hotline, a toll-free number (available 24 hours per day, seven days per week in multiple languages) by:

  • Looking up the dialing options available in your location in the Country Dialing Instructions; or
  • Dialing 1-866-ETHIC-99 (1-866-384-4299); or
  • Dialing 1-212-559-5842 (international collect/reverse charge number).


Mailing to:
Citi Ethics Office
480 Washington Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Faxing to: 1-212-793-1347.

Reporting online through website submission:

To submit a concern via web submission, please select your language below.

Citi believes that it is essential that you feel secure when raising a concern, and we encourage you to communicate your concerns openly. All contacts to the Citi Ethics Office and related investigations are treated as confidentially as possible, consistent with the need to investigate and address the matter, and subject to applicable laws and regulations.

Reports may be made to the Citi Ethics Office anonymously to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. However, you must understand that if you do choose to remain anonymous, Citi may be unable to obtain the additional information needed to investigate or address your concern.

For more information on reporting to the Citi Ethics Office, please consult Citi's Code of Conduct (available in 26 languages).