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Please be aware of scammers offering NZD investments to retail customers, including term deposits. Investors should be vigilant when they receive unsolicited offers from unknown parties. Citi in New Zealand does not offer financial products or services to retail clients.

Citi is New Zealand’s preeminent banking partner for corporate, investor and public sector clients with cross-border needs.

Citigroup has provided financial services in New Zealand since 1974. Banking operations commenced with the local incorporation of Citicorp Forex Ltd and Citicorp New Zealand Ltd in 1982. In July, 1987 Citibank, N.A. (New Zealand Branch) (CBNA NZ) was granted a full banking licence and was designated as a registered bank. In November 1990, Citi became a settlement bank and thus a direct participant in the New Zealand Clearing System. CBNA NZ has extensive representation in the New Zealand banking industry including as a member of the New Zealand Banking Association and as a shareholder and board representative of Payments NZ. With a presence in Auckland, Citi provides financial services to global and local corporations, financial institutions, and government bodies.

Country Leadership

Stefan Boisen
Citi Country Officer, New Zealand


Louise Lindsay

Head of Corporate Affairs - Australia & New Zealand


Citibank, N.A.

Citigroup Centre

Level 11

23 Customs Street East

P.O. Box 3429

Auckland 1140

New Zealand

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