Article14 Nov 2023

Citi GPS and the APEC CEO Summit

Aligning with the Themes of the APEC CEO Summit

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) intergovernmental forum brings together 21 economies from around the Asia-Pacific region to collaborate on the shared goal of creating a more open, resilient, sustainable, and peaceful future for the people of the world’s most dynamic region.

The U.S will chair this year's forums, including the APEC CEO Summit taking place in San Francisco, California November 14-16. The Summit brings together CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and key stakeholders along with world leaders from the Asia-Pacific region for robust dialogue on global opportunities and challenges that are shaping economic, environmental, and societal trends in the region. The Summit program will highlight the potential of collaboration and fresh thinking to build the future through a focus on Sustainability, Inclusion, Resilience, and Innovation.

Citi is a Platinum Sponsor of the event, and will be hosting bilateral meetings, giving keynote speeches, and sponsoring a thought leadership event. To support the event Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions (Citi GPS) produced four reports showcasing Citi’s stance on the Asia-Pacific economies and aligning with the themes of the CEO Summit.





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