Video17 May 2022

Alternative Protein Series

Cheese Without the Cow: A Conversation with New Culture – Interview

New Culture produces animal-free cheese, initially focusing on mozzarella, which is by far the most important cheese in the U.S.


Speaker: Matt Gibson, CEO, New Culture

Matt Gibson became passionate about transforming the dairy industry when he started learning about its environmental, animal welfare, and human health impacts. After founding multiple start-ups in New Zealand, he moved to the Bay Area to launch New Culture as part of IndieBio, the world’s leading biotech start-up accelerator, with co-founder Inja Radman.


Some of the questions we will discuss will include

  • Why is New Culture focusing on cheese?
  • How big is that market for non-dairy pizza cheese?
  • What attributes will New Culture choose to emphasize in its marketing?


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