Video18 Jul 2022

Event Future of Wearable Series

A discussion with Aktiia
Please join our series exploring why we believe that wearable tech has a bright future. Citi believes the distinction between consumer and clinical-grade wearables is blurring, and as a result wearables will play an important part in a health ecosystem that is evolving to focus more and more on individual consumers.

Adam Spielman, Head of Innovation, Citi Global Insights will interview a wide range of innovative companies and thought leading speakers as part of this series.

Aktiia is a developer of an always-on optical blood pressure monitoring wrist-band. It combines optical sensors and clinically-validated algorithms, helping both the individual and healthcare professionals.

Speaker: Michael Kisch, CEO. Mike is a digital health veteran. He co-founded and ran Beddr, a SleepTech company, and was CEO of Soundhawk, which made smart, personalized hearing systems.

Some of the questions we will discuss will include:

  • What are the advantages of a condition-specific device like Aktiia – which focuses only on blood-pressure – relative to a general wearable like a Galaxy Watch?
  • Can products like this really work equally well for consumers and clinicians?
  • What do these sorts of products mean for traditional MedTech sensors and companies?


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