Good Things Happen Season 4Podcast09 Jul 2024

Good Things Happen, E8: Transforming Finance with AI

Season 4

In the series finale of Good Things Happen, we joined Citi’s 11th annual Digital Money Symposium in London which took place on 20th June, to be inspired by thought leaders across the financial services ecosystem, discussing ‘the future of finance and money’.

Guest host Alex Miller, from Citi’s Global Insights team is joined by Bin Ren, Founder & CEO of Sig Tech and Ronit Ghose, Citi’s Head of Future Finance to discuss the emerging role of artificial intelligence in global banking.

Bin Ren tells us about the autonomous AI agents his company is building, including those able to pass the Chartered Finance Analyst exam at 90 percentile performance. He describes the opportunities he sees to use AI to scale the industry, boost productivity and enhance jobs.

Ronit Ghose, joins the podcast to talk through AI and the considerations and regulations being put in place to avoid and mitigate risks such as deep fakes and AI hallucinations.


Citigroup Incorporated, (Citi) and SigTech are not affiliated and are independent companies. The speakers' views of their owner may not necessarily reflect the views of Citi or any of its affiliates. Neither the information provided nor any opinion expressed constitutes a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. The expressions of opinion are not intended to be a forecast of future events or a guarantee of future results.

Before founding SigTech at the start of 2019, Ren was the Chief Investment Officer of the Systematic Investment Group (SIG) at Brevan Howard Asset Management where he managed multiple quantitative investment funds. He started his career at Barclays Capital as an equity exotics trader managing quantitative investment strategies across all major asset classes. Before university, Ren skipped two grades in school and won three first prizes in the Chinese National Olympiads, because of which he was exempted from the Chinese National College Entrance Examination.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the national gifted education program of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ren was directly admitted with full scholarship to the PhD program for computer science at Cambridge University, UK. While there he researched the Xen virtual machine monitor that was chosen by Amazon as the foundation of the AWS cloud-computing platform.


Ronit is the Head of Future of Finance for the Citi Global Insights team. Prior to this Ronit was Global Sector Head for Banks in Citi Research.
He has been Head of the European Banks team since 2009. He is the lead analyst on HSBC, Standard Chartered, the GCC and Nordic Banks. Since joining Citi in 1997, Ronit has covered banks in the Benelux, Canada, Cyprus, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, Spain, UAE and the U.K. Ronit previously worked at the British Bankers’ Association and as a research assistant in Parliament for the former U.K. Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath. Ronit has an undergraduate degree in Modern History (University of Oxford), a postgraduate diploma in Economics (University of London), and is a CFA charterholder.



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