Article17 Mar 2023

Supply Chain Synergy

The corporate landscape across Asia has rarely appeared more complex. Companies, big and small, face significant challenges; and how they go about overcoming them will determine their success or failure over the coming years.

This publication will provide Asian corporates telling insights from research conducted on leading businesses in the region. The research, carried out by Citi in partnership with East & Partners, identifies companies’ principal concerns as they look towards 2023 and beyond. The following articles also offer clear and practical steps that companies should consider to overcome today’s most pressing challenges.

Costs are rising, liquidity remains stretched and supply chains suffer disruption from a myriad of factors, including geopolitics. But strategies and solutions are at hand to manage these hindrances. Throughout this magazine, we have presented unique findings on how companies can discover ideas for improving credit terms and using structured products to lower their cost of capital and manage risk simultaneously. They can also learn how to invest effectively in digitalization and optimize working capital by improving efficiency via active payables and receivables management.

Put together, the data from our survey and the practical advice from some of our trusted partners can help companies define and activate the quickest route out of today’s complexity; for a route that offers greater clarity of the future and sets companies up for better times ahead.


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