Unveiling the Citi Brand Sculpture

November 26, 2019
Sophie Lam, Director of Communications & Marketing, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)
Alice Russotti, Program Manager, Public Programs & Exhibitions, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)
Art Tildesley, Head of Global Executive Services and Citi Volunteers

The Citi Brand Sculpture is a 2019 Global Public Affairs Investment Fund project, led by Citi's Global Brand Experience Team.

Citi and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) are excited to unveil a sculpture that will form a focal point in the lobby of Citi's newly-renovated global headquarters in Tribeca. The sculpture, constructed primarily out of recycled and reclaimed materials, symbolizes Citi's firm-wide commitment to sustainable initiatives and to the lower Manhattan neighborhood that serves as home to their headquarters. Citi and LMCC collaborated on the project from conception to completion, showcasing a mutual commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation. This partnership is just one example of how Citi is deepening its ties to the Tribeca community.

The sculpture's key components intentionally reflect the many innovative sustainability features that Citi has incorporated into the renovation of its global headquarters. LED lights symbolize the switch to efficient lighting sources throughout the 40-story building, and the illuminated recycling bins represent the elimination of individual trash cans, resulting in the use of fewer plastic trash bags. The aluminum armature represents the improved energy efficiency achieved through an ice storage plant, which produces ice overnight and cools the building during the day, reducing the building's demand for electricity during peak periods. Nearly 90% of the waste and debris from the building renovation was diverted to facilities that recover, reuse, and recycle materials. This focus on conservation is embodied by the use of recycled and reclaimed materials throughout the artwork.

Since its founding in 1973, LMCC has supported the creative vibrancy of New York City through its cultural leadership and service to artists and local communities. The collaborative project with Citi to conceive and install a sculpture at Citi's global headquarters furthers LMCC's mission of affirming the critical role of art in building sustainable neighborhoods and cities in partnership with corporations, foundations, government agencies and local cultural organizations.

More about Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC):

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) serves, connects and makes space for artists and community, with an equitable approach to the creative process. Since 1973, LMCC has been the champion for independent artists in New York City and the cultural life force of Lower Manhattan.

Through its grantmaking, residency, and presentation programs, LMCC supports the creative life of New York City and ensures that arts and cultural resources are accessible for all. In September 2019, LMCC opened the newly expanded and renovated Arts Center at Governors Island. The 40,000 square-foot creative incubator is an exemplary model of adaptive reuse and serves as the Island's first home for artists and audiences on Governors Island. For more information, visit

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