Citi Paraguay has pioneered offering quality financial services for more than six decades since its establishment in 1958. For more than 60 years, Citi has been committed to the economic, social and cultural development of Paraguay. Citi established and implemented the best financial products and services in the country and participated in one of the most significant projects for national development by funding landmark infrastructures. Citi has marked several milestones in Paraguayan history, becoming the first bank to introduce ATMs in the '60s as well as being the first institution to inaugurate the construction of the country's first intelligent building in the '90s.

Citi is also the only financial institution in the country that provides financial literacy programs as part of its social investment strategies. In addition, Citi is the only bank to have its own cultural center where it promotes the development of the country's arts and culture.

Citibank Paraguay

Institutional Clients Group, Paraguay


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