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E5: How ETFs Will Earn More of Your Assets

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, built their initial reputation as passive investment vehicles, and in that context they’ve matured — with a tradable ETF for practically every passive index in the financial markets. But the entrepreneurial nature of the industry has redirected ETFs toward an actively managed path. This presents significant risks — and opportunities — for traditional asset managers and mutual fund complexes.

Join Citi’s Rob Rowe, U.S. Regional Director of Research and Head of the Global Strategy and Macro Group, and Scott Chronert, Head of U.S. Equity and ETF Strategy, as they explore the key factors that are driving this paradigm shift, and the implications for both institutional and retail investors.

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Rob Rowe is Head of the Global Strategy and Macro Group (GSMG) as well as the U.S. Regional Director of Research. GSMG unites all of Citi's economists with fixed income, FX, equity and commodities strategists to create a common team providing research on the world's major economies and asset classes. Rob has been with Citi for 30 years serving in various capacities. He originally joined Smith Barney Harris Upham & Company in 1989, working in investment banking, fixed income sales and research.  In addition to his managerial responsibilities, he continues to provide portfolio strategy for select clients as part of his previous role overseeing the Global Bond Portfolio Analysis team. He has written numerous articles and publications on fixed income and portfolio strategy.


Scott Chronert is a Managing Director at Citi Research serving several roles, including U.S. Equity Strategist, Global Head of ETF Strategy & Analysis, and U.S. Small/Mid Cap Strategy. Scott assumed the U.S. Equity Strategy role at Citi in October 2021. He brings a fundamental approach to assess the U.S. equity landscape. Regarding ETFs, Scott and his team have been at the forefront of sell-side, institutional-grade analysis of the ETF ecosystem since 2012. His product covers all facets of ETFs, including broader industry trends, flow analysis, and stock and market impacts, complemented with positioning views covering most asset classes and geographies. His work on U.S. Small/Mid Cap provides a blend of top-down and stock-specific insight. Scott also contributes to Citi’s global equity strategy product. Prior to joining Citi Research in 2010, Scott spent more than 25 years in institutional equity sales and management roles (mostly at Citi).

Citi was named Global ETF Research Provider of the Year 2019 by ETFexpress.

Scott is a graduate of Dartmouth College (AB degree, 1978) and UCLA Graduate School of Management (MBA degree, 1980).



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