Sector Snapshot: Consumer

Key Trends in Dealmaking

The 2024 Citi Commercial Bank Sector Snapshot Consumer Report, with data from PitchBook, looks beyond the headlines and takes a closer look at the Consumer sector in a time of political and economic uncertainty.

It assesses market conditions, industry shifts, and key trends in investment, with a focus on M&A, venture flows, consumer funding, deal an exit counts and values.

This raises interesting questions:

  • Will tech stock equity retain its dominance?
  • Can post money valuations maintain their 2024 record levels?
  • If interest rates have peaked, will buyout firms become less cautious?
  • And will pre-seed financing sizes, at their highest to date, continue to rise? 

These are some of the areas covered in the report which delivers valuable insights and will unlock opportunities.

Read the full report here.

Timicka Anderson
Global Head of Consumer and Retail
Citi Commercial Bank


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