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Net Zero

Net Zero

Our Commitment to Net Zero

In March 2021, Citi made a commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, including our own operations by 2030. For a global financial institution like Citi, a net zero commitment means working with our clients and helping them in their own low-carbon transitions. 

Our Net Zero Framework

Calculate baseline financed emissions for each carbon-intensive sector

Identify the appropriate climate scenario transition pathway

Establish emissions reduction targets for 2030 and beyond

Engage with and assess clients to determine transition opportunities

Solicit feedback from clients, investors and other stakeholders as this work continues to evolve, and collectively define net zero for the banking sector


Our approach is guided by Citi’s Net Zero Transition Principles, which reflect our aim to reduce emissions with urgency in the near-term, while also driving a responsible and orderly transition that minimizes economic disruption. We expect these principles to evolve as we collectively learn with our clients, peers, investors and other stakeholders.

2022 TCFD Report

Citi’s 2022 TCFD Report highlights the progress we are making on our net zero commitments and how we are balancing climate risks and opportunities in our business.
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