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Please be aware of scammers offering investments to retail customers in Ireland, including term deposits. Investors should be vigilant when they receive unsolicited offers from unknown parties. Citi in Ireland does not offer any financial products or services directly to retail clients.

Citi provides banking and finance services to many of Ireland’s largest corporates and multinational subsidiaries

Citi has had a presence in Ireland since 1965 and was one of the first foreign banks to open an office in the country. From its offices in Dublin, Citi Ireland services clients across over 160 countries and is the headquarters for Citibank Europe plc, the main bank subsidiary for Citi in Europe.
Country Leadership
Davinia Conlan
Citi Country Officer, Ireland


Joanna Petty
Head of Public Affairs 



1 North Wall Quay

Dublin 1


Careers at Citi Ireland

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History of Citi Ireland
Recent Awards and Recognition
  • 2023 Best Investment Bank in Ireland
  • 2022 Best Investment Bank in Ireland
  • 2021 Best Investment Bank in Ireland
  • 2020 Best Investment Bank in Ireland
  • 2019 Best Investment Bank in Ireland
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Further Information