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Please be aware of scammers offering investments to retail customers in Ireland, including term deposits. Investors should be vigilant when they receive unsolicited offers from unknown parties. Citi in Ireland does not offer any financial products or services directly to retail clients.

Citi provides a full range of global financial services to Norwegian clients

Citi has had a presence in Norway since 1973. Our business is focused on Norwegian-based multinational companies, financial institutions, the public sector as well as providing services to subsidiaries of foreign multinational companies operating in Norway. For these companies, we are among their most important banks, and we work with them across the globe, making full use of our international network.
Country Leadership
Pal Rokke
Citi Country Officer


Anneli Sundstrom

Head of Public Affairs, Nordic region

Nordic Region Press Room


Bolette brygge 1

0252 Oslo

P.O. 1481 Vika

0116 Oslo


Phone: +47 22009600

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