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Global Trade Payables Finance
Global Trade Payables Finance

Technology is transforming the future of trade, and Citi is leveraging digital innovation on a global scale to transform a fragmented market into a cohesive client ecosystem. We’re building a single-source, end-to-end service for the global supply chain, with payables finance leading the way.

The supply chain finance market is expanding globally, despite supply chain disruptions and the challenges of managing diverse trade flows in complex environments. Citi is here to help you with global payments, maximize the opportunities in your working capital and help you grow your business. Citi’s Trade Payables Finance can help you:

Present in 95 markets with offerings in 122 countries, and transacting in 140+ currencies, Citi has been a market leader in supplier finance for over two decades, providing payables solutions across the working capital cycle digitally, wherever your company does business.


Citi® Supplier Finance

Optimize your working capital through early payment offerings in exchange for longer payment terms which strengthen relationships with suppliers.


Euromoney Awards
  • Best Investment Bank in Emerging Markets, 2023
Global Finance - Asia Pacific Awards
  • Best Overall Bank for Cash Management: South Korea, 2023
Global Finance - Latin America Awards
  • Best Bank for Liquidity Management, 2023
Global Finance - Latin America Awards
  • Best Overall Bank for Cash Management: Argentina; Colombia; Mexico and Puerto Rico, 2023
Global Finance - Global Awards
  • Best Bank for Cash Management 2023 Best Provider of Short-Term Investments/Money Market Funds, 2023
Global Finance - North America Awards
  • Best Bank for Cash Management, 2023

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