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Car of the Future SeriesVideo04 May 2015

The Car of the Future v2.0

Mobility Transformation: Full Steam Ahead
It has been quite a year for the Car of the Future theme! Discussions that were deemed theoretical only a few years ago have become reality. Silicon Valley companies have taken increasing interest in selling into and perhaps even building cars. New mobility services have gained rapid momentum. Technology events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) have increasingly begun to look like auto shows. And to’s only the beginning.

Our latest Car of the Future report (v 2.0) aims to offer a one-stop shop to understanding and evaluating global automotive technologies that will shape tomorrow’s cars — how they are built, powered, equipped and serviced. By ‘future’, we generally aim to focus on the next 5-10 years in order to keep the topics both interesting and investable. The report features both new contributions and themes from several Citi analyst teams around the world as well as the integration and updates of recently published thematic reports by Citi’s global analysts.

Besides integrating and updating all past discussions, Car of the Future v2.0 delves into some new “outside the box” discussions, such as: (1) ADAS as the most powerful trend in the history of the automobile, in which we highlight options for further penetration via insurance savings (Citi’s Autonomous Driving Subscription Model) and game-changing potential in subscription-based automated driving offerings (Citi’s ADAS Subscription Model); (2) A deep dive into the human machine interface (HMI), an increasingly critical frontier that might shape how automakers differentiate their automated driving offerings — full digital clusters, head-up displays and even augmented reality; (3) An updated thought-provoking view on the future of “new mobility” and mobility-as-a-service; and (4) A deeper look into the consumer demand for the ideal driving range of electric vehicles (EV).

As we continue to research and explore deeper into the world of futuristic and emerging automotive technologies, it is easy to fall under the seduction of these “sexy” technologies and forget entirely to connect the dots to an investable framework. As such, we aim to tie our Car of the Future report to the investable areas of future automotive technology by focusing on both Tier-1 and Tier-2 auto suppliers that play into the most compelling trends of our Car of the Future thematic report.

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Car of the Future Series

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