Video07 Mar 2023

AI & Blockchain: Use Cases, Drivers for Adoption, Risks & Challenges

Douglas Arner, Professor at Hong Kong University and Huy Nguyen Trieu, Co-founder, CFTE discuss why are we having an AI moment now and if will we see similar moment for blockchain.

The current AI hype is driven by better results on data and images produced by the combination of access to large amounts of structured/unstructured data, cheap storage, cheaper processing power, algorithms and design systems. Generative AI humanizes internet experience for users whereas blockchain isn’t able to do that yet. In an AI-driven digital world, a user may not be able make out the difference between original vs deep-fake or algorithm generated content. That’s where blockchain can help prove digital identity and confirm the authenticity of people, processes, posts and all things digital. Another killer-app for blockchain adoption could be decentralized social media and gaming which brings together culture and community, but this is in the early stages of development.


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