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Video09 May 2023

AI & Metaverse: Interview with Mike Pell, Envisioneer at Microsoft Garage

Mike Pell runs The Microsoft Garage, a world-wide innovation programme. Mike joined us to discuss emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse and their impact on business, finance and the world. 3D is essential for a Metaverse experience which brings the spatialness and dimensionality of the physical world in the digital world but adoption to likely grow when we have enough miniaturization of components that could fit on existing devices (glasses, smartphones). Artificial intelligence has been there since decades but has gained traction recently. Mike believes easier jobs that involve tedious work can be automated and simplified using AI which could free up a lot of time/energy to do high-quality tasks. Mike finds Microsoft Co-Pilot interesting because it can summarize meetings and highlights action points mentioned on a call acting as an active assistance tool. So AI is essentially set to free up time for mundane/repetitive tasks for more high value output.


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