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Video11 May 2022

Alternative Proteins Series

Plant-based meat that tastes good – A Conversation with Planted Foods

The company's meats taste and feel like animal meat, but they’re produced from plants -- mainly peas and sunflower oil -- enabling consumers to enjoy organic, healthy meat alternatives with no chemical additives.


Speaker: Christoph Jenny, Co-Founder & Board Member, Planted Foods. Christoph is one of four founders of Planted. He started his career at Credit Suisse Asset Management before working at Jacobs Holding and Consumer Investment Partners.


Some of the questions we will discuss will include:

  • How does Planted differentiate itself from other plant-based meat companies?
  • How is Planted’s product such a convincing substitute for meat?
  • Is there an effective moat?
  • How is the geographic expansion (out of the Swiss heart-land) planned?


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