Video05 May 2023

Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities, Risks & Challenges

Pascal Belaud joined us to discuss opportunities, risks & challenges of AI. Pascal highlights Microsoft’s efforts to research and develop AI started 30+ years ago with 8 global research centers today that try to bring AI to match human parity. Pascal believes AI like other general purpose technologies is initially slow to adopt/disrupt and then becomes very disruptive and sees mass adoption on finding relevant use-cases. AI won’t replace jobs but change jobs as it will free up a lot of time/energy that goes into performing mundane/repetitive tasks. Pascal thinks theoretical use-cases of AI could be overhyped/oversold and suggests AI use-cases in finance should be around text analysis, summarization, knowledge mining, content generation etc. and build gradually from there. Moreover, generative AI needs to be in control of humans for fact-checking as it can creates facts on its own.


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