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Video17 Mar 2023

Can Gaming be Web3's ChatGPT Moment? Interview with Ryan Wyatt, Head, Polygon Labs

Ryan Wyatt was Global Head of Gaming at YouTube until 2022 and was responsible for starting the YouTube Gaming vertical which became the largest gaming platform globally by daily active users. He is now President of Polygon Labs and responsible for the development and growth team for the Polygon blockchain protocol. Ryan joined us to discuss if gaming will be Web3’s ChatGPT moment. Until now crypto gaming weren’t fun and mainstream gamers disliked the financialization of the ecosystem. Ryan believes, in the next 12-18 months Asian gaming studios (especially Korean) will likely launch Web3 games and the trend will be followed by Western AAA-gaming studios. Globally there are over 3bn gamers, largely casual gamers. Ryan expects 100-150 million gamers, largely the ‘whales’, could move to Web3 games in the next few years, and this could bring an inflection point in gaming overall. Web3 and Web2 gaming will over time converge.


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