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Video03 Oct 2022

Crypto Markets Update and Outlook

Interview with Daniel Liebau, Chief Investment Officer, Modular Blockchain Fund
Daniel Liebau, CIO of Modular Blockchain Fund at Modular Asset Management joined us to give us an update on crypto market.

Some of the points we discussed include:

Daniel expects institutional adoption of blockchain and smart contract functionality in areas such as commerce, tokenization of securities and real-world assets, etc. However, crypto-assets are increasingly being considered for what they are - a volatile risk asset and less of an inflation hedge.

In terms of recent developments, Ethereum’s move to Proof-of-Stake has reduced the blockchain’s energy consumption by 99%, but further upgrades are needed to solve for issues like scalability, high gas fees, etc.

Daniel believes decentralization is not binary but a spectrum. Regulation can help us reap benefits of blockchain/decentralization along with adequate consumer protection, AML/CFT laws, limit frauds & scams, etc.


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