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Video18 Jul 2022

Future of Finance and Blockchain Interview with Morgan McKenney, CEO, Provenance Blockchain

Morgan McKenney, CEO, Provenance Blockchain joined us to discuss how blockchain could be the new factory of finance. It enables bilateral transaction with near-instant settlements eliminating intermediaries, allows for tokenization and fractionalization which increases access to asset ownership. Morgan believes in a permissionless blockchain architecture but concedes that some finance use-cases could need blockchains with a certain level of privacy. Adoption is likely to be slow as the financial industry build an underlying architecture of blockchain enabled products and services. Morgan mentions how Provenance Blockchain has facilitated mortgages/HELOCs etc. in 2 days vs. 45 days for traditional US mortgages, has helped about 500 private companies raise capital and is becoming a platform for secondary market liquidity for private assets.



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