In the Sandbox Metaverse: Interview with Yat Siu, Founder & CEO, Outblaze and Animoca

Yat Siu (Co-Founder/Exec-Chairman of Animoca Brands and the Founder/CEO of Outblaze), believes NFTs will drive the Metaverse adoption as humans engage with culture far more than just money. Sovereign ownership of data/assets is the critical layer for an Open Metaverse as asset ownership (car, home, etc. in real economy) and data creates network effects, but today we’re digitally colonized by Web2 platforms for convenience. For Yat, the Metaverse is not just AR/VR but could be anything that involves interfacing virtually e.g. we spend hours on mobile phones and other screens for work, social, entertainment. However, Yat expects that the Metaverse interface tech is likely evolve faster than it did for video games because far more economic opportunities are attached with the Metaverse and also that the DAOs will help protect these virtual communities from social downsides (e.g. harassments, explicit content, etc.).


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