Video17 Jul 2023

Is FinTech Set for a Recovery: Trends, M&A & IPO Outlook

Rick Diamond, Global Head of FinTech Banking, Citi and Luis Valdich, Global Head of Fintech, Citi Ventures joined us to discuss the recent trends and future of FinTech. Public markets have cooled off in FinTech over the past 12-18 months, private market due diligence thoroughness is back and timelines from first meeting to term sheet to closing have lengthened from over a couple of weeks in 2021 to a couple of months in 2023 consistent with the previous industry norm. While fintech M&A has not picked up as much as expected there has been a noticeable upturn in Private Equity interest in the sector. B2B Fintechs and financial infrastructure companies with scaled businesses, good product market fits and sustainable profits are IPO contenders for early 2024. Broader tech sector IPOs will precede fintech IPOs.


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