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Video06 Jul 2022

NFT & Crypto Market Update

Key Takeaways from NYC Week

Ioana Surpateanu, Chief Innovation Officer, Swash, joined us to discuss how NFTs are intrinsically linked to cryptocurrencies and could have real-world applications. Ioana expects autonomous digital twins to operate in the next iteration of the Metaverse, which means NFTs need to be smarter and cater to wider use-cases such as digital property, real-estate organization, IP rights, etc. rather than just enable conspicuous consumption. Ioana believes that not all corporates need an NFT strategy, but those who want one should consider: [1] a reliable enterprise-level NFT project, [2] right blockchain to issue their NFTs, [3] right marketplace for secondary sales, etc. The NFT ecosystem today experiences some infrastructure and interoperability limitations, but Ioana shares her positive outlook for projects that enable on-chain storage and facilitate transfer of NFTs between Metaverses.


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