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Video21 Apr 2023

Scaling Blockchain Adoption

Sunny Aggarwal, Co-founder, Osmosis Labs joined us to discuss how history and social science drove his passion for blockchain and Web3. Sunny believes sovereignty is deep rooted in communities and blockchain/Web3 helps enable bottom-up ecosystems that can operate without any gatekeeper. Cosmos allows people to compose application specific or community specific blockchains which can interact with each other, exchange tokens and data thereby combining sovereignty of gen one blockchains and economic composability of gen two blockchains. Cosmos is based on three technology pieces; [1] Proof of Stake consensus protocol; [2] Cosmos SDK enabling people to build custom blockchains and [3] Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) which helps different blockchain communicate with each other. Osmosis is a non-custodial decentralized exchange which has transparency and inspectability inbuilt. Sunny believes digital assets are the future and Osmosis aims to build digital infrastructure that supports digital assets trading and settlement in a transparent way.


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