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Article02 Nov 2022

Tech Tok: A Snapshot of Tech Spending Plans

A new report by Citi Research’s Tyler Radke examines the results of a Citi survey of chief investment officer tech spending plans, finding security and data analytics high on their list of priorities.

Citi’s survey of 101 CIOs suggests third quarter IT spending trended downward, led by weaker EMEA spending intentions.

Top of the CIO priority list is security, which retained top spot and continued to see increased prioritization vs. peers. Data/analytics and digital expenditure also figured among the top spending initiatives for CIOs.

Citi analysts said the survey indicates further signs of potential weakening demand --particularly in EMEA.

IT budget growth expectations fall below Oct-20 levels; EMEA much weaker — CIOs expect to grow their IT budget by +1.8% over the next 12 months, the survey found. The budget growth expectation continues to slip below the historical average and is down from the peak of +5.4% in the Sept. 2021 survey.

Highest priorities: Cybersecurity remains the highest CIO priority by a wide margin. Data / analytics remained at #2. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) moved up to #3 while digital transformation solutions continue to remain a top priority at #4 (although with a slight downtick) as organizations continue to look to modernize their business.


Top CIO Investment Priorities

Figure 4. Top CIO Investment Priorities Source: Citi Research If you are visually impaired and would like to speak to a Citi representative regarding the details of the graphics in this document, please call USA 1-888-800-5008 (TTY: 711), from outside the US +1-210-677-3788.

Security / Systems Software — A weighted avg. of ~8% of IT budgets was earmarked for cybersecurity in the calendar year 2022, along with the expectation that budgets grow ~7% YoY in CY23E remains unchanged since the last iteration of the survey in the second quarter this year, and remains in line with the ~8% earmarked in CY21.

Both network and cloud security remain top of mind, with >40% of respondents citing each as a top 3 investment priority.

EU Tech — A further step-down in growth expectations of the European CIOs is consistent with the softening macroeconomic backdrop across the region.

IT Hardware & Telecom Equipment — The downshift in spending intentions for PCs in this survey is notable.

Cable, Satellite, & Telecom Services — Digital transformation initiatives remain a high priority. While we recognize a rising level of fragility to the global economic outlook, the majority of respondents indicate interest to at least maintain or increase their IT budgets.

IT Services — Although most IT Services companies have not indicated that they are seeing the slowdown in IT budgets that the survey is indicating, IT Services tends to be a lagging indicator of slowed budgets as it takes time for a corporates to adapt and adjust their IT Services spend. Digital transformation slipped a peg in top investment priorities in this survey but remained a top 5 selection as well as many of the elements of digital transformation remaining top investment priorities (cybersecurity, analytics, cloud, automation, etc.).

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