Video28 Apr 2022

The Future of the Immersive Metaverse

Interview with Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO, Somnium Space

Artur Sychov, CEO/Founder of Somnium Space joined Citi’s Ronit Ghose & Nisha Surendran to discuss the future of an immersive Metaverse. In his avatar form, Artur gave us a tour of Sominium Space, showcasing the community-built spaces and how NFTs enable incentives for users to build and trade digital assets. Artur is a VR enthusiast and believes the Metaverse should be spatial (AR/VR), decentralized and persistent. Artur claims that Somnium space is the first multi-chain Metaverse, existing on Ethereum and Solana and expected to integrate other blockchains too. Artur believes low latency is of utmost importance to support the spatial reality and experience the Metaverse in a pure form. Somnium space is device agnostic i.e. accessible via mobile, tablet, web, etc. Artur expects AR/VR to follow the trajectory of mobile phone adoption so it will become increasingly affordable as more companies start investing in building Metaverse-related hardware.


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