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Video29 Jan 2016

Energy 2030: Financing a Greener Future

Alternative Energy- Citi GPS Video
In our August 2015 Citi GPS report Energy Darwinism II, we took an objective look at the economics of the global warming debate, to assess the incremental costs and impacts of mitigating the effects of emissions, to see if there is a ‘solution’ that offers global opportunities without penalizing global growth, whether we can afford to do it (or indeed whether we can afford not to), and how we could make it happen.

After looking at the macroeconomic effect, we decided to switch gears and investigate the microeconomics of a changing energy environment. In this new report, we take a look at the competitive dynamics between fossil fuels and renewables and question whether renewables will remain competitive in a lower-for-longer fossil fuel environment, and subsequently, can renewables still be competitive in a zero subsidy environment. Financial innovation will be key to making this a reality.

An interview with Marshal Salant, Global Head of Alternative Energy Finance at Citi, discussing the report “Energy 2030: Financing a Greener Future“.


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