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Article06 Nov 2023

Businesses Give Commercial Cards a Fresh Look

The Treasury Management Playbook: Businesses Give Commercial Cards a Fresh Look was produced in collaboration with Citi, and PYMNTS is grateful for the company’s support and insight. PYMNTS retains full editorial control over the following findings, methodology and data analysis.
Commercial credit cards have captured just a small share of the business-to-business (B2B) payment market, but their value proposition is rising. For buyers and suppliers, the effective cost of using the cards has dropped in today’s higher interest rate environment, and issuers have become more willing to negotiate fees, lowering the barriers to the streamlined reconciliation and real-time monitoring — among other features — the cards can offer.
Despite the promise of commercial cards, they remain a polarizing feature in the B2B payments landscape. Suppliers, for example, widely remain unconvinced when accepting commercial cards for B2B transactions. At the heart of this tension lies a critical difference in views between buyers and suppliers. Will the increasing value of commercial cards tip the scales, or will entrenched supplier reluctance stifle change? The outcome will determine the trajectory of the B2B payments space.
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