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Article30 Nov 2022

Citi Dialogues: Celebrating Our Partnership with Yanolja

Travel and leisure into the future with Yanolja
In conversation with Jong Yoon Kim, Chief Executive, Yanolja

Founded in 2005 with the launch of its first accommodation portal, Yanolja (which means “Hey, let’s play!” in Korean) has become the largest travel, leisure and hospitality platform in Korea and a major player around the world. Its technology powers the global hospitality market with cloud-based platforms for hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities.

Yanolja’s app has been downloaded more than 59mn times, and 20mn members use its platforms.

Yanolja has experienced rapid and significant growth in recent years. Why do you think it’s been so successful? Most companies bringing digital solutions into the travel, leisure and hospitality industry have focused on one aspect of the customer experience, whether hotels, travel or restaurants. Rarely do they focus on the business-to-business exchange of data and transactions across the value chain. This results in a disconnected experience for consumers, as the different elements of their travel experience are not joined up. For example, you may have already submitted your identification and card information when booking a hotel, but you then have to produce this again when you check in.


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