Article08 Mar 2023

Citi & TIS Drive Cash Forecasting & Working Capital Efficiency for Treasury

Corporate treasuries and finance teams face multiple challenges driven by fragmented technology infrastructures, numerous ERP Systems, incomplete data, and inefficient manual processes.
To help resolve these challenges, Citi is working with TIS, a cloud-based provider that specializes in cash forecasting and working capital solutions for CFOs, treasurers, and finance teams, to provide an automated digital treasury solution. Using TIS, companies can effectively track, aggregate, classify, and analyze vast amounts of financial, cash, and payments data across their global banks, entities, vendors, and partners. With access to this data, companies can get deeper insights into their needs and realize the promise of fully automated treasury operations.

Citi’s global network and cash pooling solutions are designed to work seamlessly with TIS’ analytics and forecasting tools to help improve your cash and working capital management. Working together, Citi and TIS aim to advance the smart treasury journey from historic reporting to predicting liquidity and working capital through a fully automated, integrated, and intuitive workflow.

Citi & TIS At-a-Glance

  • A Multi-Year Partnership
  • Award-Winning Solutions
  • Easy Setup & Onboarding
  • Focus on Cash Forecasting & Working Capital Solutions for Treasury & Finance Teams

Value Delivered

Citi and TIS can help companies automate the aggregation and analysis of their global banking, treasury, sales, AP/ AR, and P&L data to maximize the accuracy and completeness of their cash forecasts. At the same time, treasury can use advanced, smart-logic enabled tools to evaluate their data and identify gaps in reporting to improve accuracy over time. Analyzing the cashflow data captured by TIS can help uncover unique supplier or vendor payment behaviors, invoicing cycles, and liquidity trends across the business. It can also help companies determine how these behaviors and cycles are evolving over time.

Cash Forecasting

  • Advanced Workflow Setup
  • Smart-Logic to Improve Forecast Accuracy
  • Dynamic & Visual Reporting Interfaces
  • Effective Variance & Scenario Analysis
  • Extensive Drill-Down Features

Effective Automation of forecasting & cashflow analysis to reduce manual & error-prone workflows.

Working Capital

  • AR & DSO Metrics
  • AP & DPO Metrics
  • Payment Behavior Trends
  • Invoice Drill-Downs
  • Net / Days Working Capital Analysis
  • Flexible Reporting Dates / Windows

Tailored Pricing ensures that teams only pay for the exact scope of what they purchase.

Technology Setup

  • 100% Cloud-Based
  • 99.95%+ Uptime
  • API-Enabled
  • Simple Onboarding
  • Dedicated Support
  • Customizable Configuration

Assisted Management of major software & IT functions to simplify system configuration & support.


To learn more about the Citi and TIS partnership and how to benefit from it, contact your Citi representative.

  • Discuss with your Citi rep
  • Determine scope of needs
  • Receive a tailored demo
  • Decide on next steps


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