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Citi Leaders Recognized on 2018 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists

May 31, 2018
Terry Hogan, Head of Global Diversity and Talent Management

On behalf of our Citi colleagues around the world, it's my pleasure to share that four Citi leaders have been named to the EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Models 2018. We're proud to have Citi representatives on the 100 Ethnic Minority Executives, 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders and 15 Advocates lists.Our colleagues who have been recognized are:

Mark Mason, Chief Financial Officer for Citi's Institutional Clients Group, has been named on the EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Executives list, which recognizes 100 senior role models who are helping to make the workplace a more welcoming place for ethnic minority employees. Mark is co-lead of the Black Heritage Affinity Group and has been helping to lead our effort to renew a near and long-term focus to embed diversity in Citi's talent initiatives.

On learning of his being named on the list, Mark Mason said: "While I'm incredibly proud to be part of a list that recognizes minority executives and their contributions, we have a long way to go to improve diversity at senior levels across the industry. I'm encouraged by the commitment Citi has shown to execute on our goals to increase representation of minorities at all levels of our firm - especially for Blacks and women - and in the industry overall."

Elsie Akinsanya, Head of Human Resources for Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions, has also been named on the EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Executives list. She is the Co-Chair of Citi Roots, an internal multicultural diversity network, actively working to ensure an inclusive workplace by celebrating a range of multicultural festivals such as Black History Month and Diwali.

Reflecting on her achievement, Elsie Akinsanya said: "The importance of role models in the workplace cannot be underestimated. It's important to envisage what is possible - and role models do just that. If you can see it, and believe it, it can happen. I'm so delighted to be one for others."

Stephen Bird, CEO of Global Consumer Banking, has been named on the EMpower 15 Advocates list. He serves as co-lead of the Black Heritage Affinity Group and is focused on driving material change in the promotion, development, recruiting and retention of black colleagues in the U.S. The EMpower 15 Advocates category recognizes 15 senior role models who are not ethnic minority themselves, but are dedicated to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment for ethnic minorities.

Commenting on his recognition, Stephen Bird said, "I believe the future is about unified diversity. Doing business in over 160 countries and jurisdictions, we need to work every day to ensure that the diverse DNA that has helped us thrive for more than two centuries is continually strengthened to create a brighter future for all of our people, our firm and our clients. Increasing the diversity of our leaders and teams improves the breadth of our ideas, experiences, expertise and thinking. And how we think impacts everything – from the products we design to the technology we choose. Diversity is more than a competitive advantage. It is a critical component to realizing the promise and potential of Citi."

Rashmi Ghai, Vice President in Corporate and Investment Banking, has been named on the EMpower 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list. She is one of the Co-Chairs for Citi Roots, Citi's Diversity Network focused on BAME inclusion and cultural diversity. The EMpower 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders category recognizes Role Models who work at all levels of an organization and are making a significant contribution to ethnic minority inclusion wherever they are placed in the company.

"I am really proud of the work Citi is doing in the inclusion and cultural diversity space, and to be part of the journey. Celebrating differences and encouraging diversity of thought will be a defining characteristic of how we can be the best for our clients - both now and in the future," remarked Rashmi Ghai.

Congratulations to our four colleagues who have been recognized, and thank you to each of them and our many other colleagues around the world for their leadership and hard work to help Citi and our industry become more inclusive and diverse.

Find out more about the EMpower and see the full lists here.

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