Diversity at Citi: LGBT Pride Month 2018

June 13, 2018
Jamie Forese, President, Citi and Head of ICG, Co-lead Citi Pride Affinity
Bob Annibale, Citi Pride Affinity Co-lead

In June, we recognize LGBT Pride Month in many countries. As the co-leaders of the Pride Affinity, we are committed to promote awareness and campaign for the civil rights that have yet to come for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community. With 25 Pride Network chapters around the world, we have thousands of dedicated employees who are passionate about making Citi an employer of choice for the LGBT community.

Together, we have made great strides.

  • We are pleased to announce that Citi will expand the LGBT voluntary demographic option in our Voice of the Employee survey and Human Resources self-identification profiles to additional countries across the globe where not otherwise restricted by data privacy or other laws. We will build off of the experience we have had in countries where this option already exists, and begin this expansion in 2018.
  • Additionally, we recognize that employee benefits are critical to ensuring equality and mobility for our colleagues. We are preparing the expansion of insurance and other benefits available under our US policies to LGBT partners globally wherever the benefits are legal and permitted under local law; as in the US, in addition to designating a spouse through marriage or civil partnership, employees will be able to designate a "partner," of either sex, as an eligible family member. We will begin this expansion in 2018.
  • Citi made a decision to sign the Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission amicus brief. While we are disappointed with the Supreme Court's recently announced decision, we will continue to lend our voice to issues related to access to public service and to protect the rights of the LGBT community against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
  • Finally, we have implemented two employee training modules: LGBT Ally Training and LGBT Inclusion, and we are piloting mentoring and reverse mentoring programs, so that we can all work to accelerate inclusion both inside and outside of the workplace. Additionally, we are making unconscious bias training available for colleagues around the globe.

These milestones have been gratifying, but much more needs to be done to push for LGBT civil rights across the globe. We encourage you to participate in efforts that boost awareness and access for LGBT colleagues, clients and communities:

  • Participate in your local pride marches taking place throughout June. You can register for a Pride March through your local pride march website.
  • To celebrate Pride month online, join us in social media using the hashtag #StandForProgress to show your support and share why you are proud to be an ally or part of the LGBT community.

We all have a role to play in developing an equitable and inclusive culture. We are proud of what has been accomplished, and are eager to see what we can continue to accomplish in 2018 and beyond.

Citi Pride 2018

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