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Citi Announces Fintechs Selected for Open Innovation Challenge

January 18, 2019
Jeff Smith, Global Head of Open Innovation, Citi FinTech

After a global recruitment process, we are pleased to announce the seven fintechs selected to participate in the Citi FinTech Open Innovation Challenge, a 5-week virtual program designed to identify, educate, and apply the most promising tech solutions in financial wellness. The Challenge will culminate in a live demonstration at Citi's New York headquarters to an internal group of key innovation decision-makers. At least one participant will be selected for a financial award and an additional 3-day design workshop following the presentations

The seven fintechs listed below emerged from more than 120 applicants as providers of top solutions. The range of applications received demonstrate the diversity of the fintech ecosystem and the many exciting solutions being developed around the world to promote financial wellness.

The Citi Open Innovation Challenge Participants include:

EarnUp Inc.: "EarnUp is a consumer-first fintech platform that intelligently automates loan payments for the 200 million Americans with debt. We help you put a few dollars aside for your loans when you can afford it - then we make your loan payments for you, allocating funds in the way that gets you out of debt faster."

Qoins: "Qoins is an automated micro-payment platform that uses your spare change to help pay off your debts faster!"

Honeyfi: "Honeyfi is a platform that makes it easy to manage money as a couple. Just link your accounts to the app, choose what to share with your partner, and see your household finances – organized and categorized – in one place."

Payitoff: "Payitoff helps borrowers repay and save on their student loans by finding the best path through the debt. The Payitoff software platform evaluates student loans categorically, develops the optimal repayment schedule and forecasts the benefits of prepayment." "FutureFuel is an enterprise solution to student debt repayment, empowering organizations of all sizes to attract and retain scarce talent while enabling students and growing professionals to crush their debt at an accelerated pace."

Banzai Inc: "Banzai is a "choose your own adventure" game that prepares you for life's hardest financial decisions. All three Banzai courses—Junior, Teen, and Plus—take kids, teens, and adults through scenarios in a fun, lifelike simulation."

Clever Girl Finance: "Clever Girl Finance is a financial empowerment platform to help women take charge of their finances and lay a solid foundation for their financial futures."

We look forward to working with these companies over the next few weeks. For more information on the program, contact us at

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