A Renewed Sense of Gratitude for Our Veterans

November 11, 2020
Ed Skyler, Executive Vice President | Enterprise Services and Public Affairs
John Tien, Co-lead of Citi Salutes


Every year in November, we come together to honor and thank all those who have bravely served in our armed forces. In the U.S., we observe Veterans Day on the 11th to celebrate those who have served, and Remembrance Day in the UK to commemorate fallen soldiers. As we come together this month amid what has been a challenging year for us all, we recognize and honor our active-duty military and veteran colleagues with a renewed sense of gratitude.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Citi employees around the world have shown their commitment and compassion to support those most impacted and in need – and our veteran colleagues have been no exception. As co-leads of Citi Salutes, we are especially inspired to see the many stories of our veteran colleagues going above and beyond to serve our communities in the face of a global pandemic.

Earlier this year, Philip Price, a Tampa-based colleague and Navy Reservist, was called to serve onboard the USNS Comfort sailing into the New York Harbor. At first, the ship's mission was to treat non-COVID patients to alleviate the hospitals on land and enable them to handle any influx of COVID-19 patients. As cases began to increase, the USNS Comfort's mission quickly changed to treat COVID-19 patients as well – and Philip rose to the challenge with flexibility and resilience, helping to prevent the spread of the disease and save the lives of many onboard.

Citi colleague Philip Price

David Rivera, another Tampa-based colleague with the Florida Air National Guard, was activated in April and called to serve at the Orlando International Airport. He was assigned to help staff with directing passenger traffic, screening processes, tracking incoming cases of COVID-19 and reducing the potential of exposure. Watch his full story below.

Philip and David are just two examples of the many veterans who continue to serve, and we salute their enduring commitment and sacrifice. This month, we will be honoring and celebrating our veteran colleagues, and sharing more stories of their contributions. At Citi, we're committed to continue supporting our veteran colleagues and their families through their civilian work experiences. We know that veterans make our diverse workforce stronger as they bring unique skillsets grounded in teamwork, quick thinking, resourcefulness and resilience.

Our support for our veteran colleagues and community doesn't start and end with Veterans Month – we're continuing to focus on recruiting, mentoring, career development and community outreach year-round. Earlier this week, Citi virtually hosted the 10th annual Veterans on Wall Street Symposium, bringing together veterans and military spouses with key stakeholders to discuss current and high-priority issues related to veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce. Looking beyond Veterans Month, we can all play a part in championing our veterans, just as they have supported us, as they seek meaningful employment and career opportunities in their post-service lives.

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